Video Development

AEV MediaGroup is excited and proud to offer Video Production & Development services geared towards small-business marketing & commercials as well as informational segments and story-line video product development.

AEV MediaGroup Video Development & Production Services

Video products in the form of infomercials and product advertisements are huge sell points.  Getting quality video rendering and development is a fairly challenging task.  With the wide range of devices and applications which access video content, it is easy to give the wrong impression about your business with subpar video content.  However, with the proper video production you can set your business apart from the rest.  Quality business commercials featured on your business website or ad campaigns can be the difference.

What Are Your Options?

Below in the tabs you can read about the different video services which we offer and how to figure out which one you need.  Just click on the tab and see the different segments that are involved in video production, development, rending, filming and processing.

Video Production

Video Production is a service which involves producing video material from gathered materials.  This usually means that the filming and rendering has already been completed, and you have prepared content to work with.  Video Production is where the magic happens, and is the most creative aspect of getting the final video product.

During production the different parts of your film are tailored together and put together in a view-able and effective manner.  By the end of this stage, you will have a finished and polished video to work with, which could be placed anywhere online or used in internal processes of your business.  

Video Development

Video Development is the process of developing video material for use during production.  This is a very intensive process which includes creating the content which will be used to produce the final video product.  During video development there is a lot of flexibility in creating your desired images and effects.  Video development can be summed up as the core of your video project.  

Video development usually entails filming, stage set-up, acting, lighting, and audio creation.  Video development relies on the overall vision and mission of the assignment, and can encompass many different methods and approaches to reach a successful result.  From working within a studio, to creating film content in the elements.  Once this stage is completed you can continue to produce your content into a view-able effective marketing/video campaign.


The rendering & editing service is geared towards projects which need help in technical aspects, including video reformatting, conversions and compatibility.  We can render your video content so that it was optimized for your projected stage.  Different applications of video content require different coding and video properties.  This also includes taking the root files that you may have and editing them to increase their quality output.  This can be very helpful in taking raw video footage and giving it an extra process to polish it.  This gives you more flexibility during production.

There are many different reasons why you would want to edit or render your video footage for quality maximization.  Reach us for more details about your specific project and what we can do to help you.

For any other questions or possible inquiries into services, please contact us here.