SEO & Marketing



One of the biggest and hottest markets in the online world is SEO & Marketing for your business or social campaign.  Both platforms are absolutely crucial and necessary to creating channels through which to funnel your product, awareness, brand or other important venture.  Having a great idea and building a great foundation around that idea is the first step, but it is the SEO and Marketing aspect which DRIVES traffic and viewers to your website and/or social platform.

SEO:  This is abbreviated for Search Engine Optimization and its main priority is to get you ranked on pages like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  The point of SEO is to create organic results.  Organic search results happen when keywords which are input into a search platform such as Google yield results relative to the keywords used, and hence creating an organic result, which is based on your pagerank and overall website keyword ranking in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other searches.  Organic keyword search results are the lifeblood of getting views, clicks & conversions on Google, which generate into potential SALES or ACTIONS from your target market.

A successful business strategy must involve a strong and targeted SEO campagin to get organic search results which will bring business and viewership to you and build up your reputation in the online world of Algorithms and equations which determine a websites rank – that however, is our job.

A successful Marketing campaign has the combination of great SEO results, as well as a strategic and power-driven Google Adwords campaign.

Google Adwords:  An advertising system which is operated from the Google platform and markets your advertisements during Google searches and other Google oriented websites.  This includes the vast Google network and will get you exposure to general Google search traffic. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

It’s a game of numbers.  The number of visitors, the number of clicks, the number of leads and so on.  Marketing is a wild goose chase after results – all numeric in nature.  Especially the bottom line number.  Google Analytics allows for accurate and insightful website tracking.  This information is extremely useful and necessary to monitor who visits your website, what information they were after and what pages they didn’t like.  Using this information you can make changes to your webpages and marekting strategy to better serve to your client base.


  • Number of Visitors
  • What Device Visitors Are Using
  • Geographical Location
  • Activity On Website
  • Last Page Visited
  • Links Clicked On
  • And More!

Google AdWords (Pay-Per-Click)

Google Adwords

Some clients have a lot to gain from Pay per click ads in the form of Google AdWords.  AdWords allows clients to create targeted advertisements that come up during a google search.  Most of these ad’s either show up on the upper most top of the search page or on the right.  Pay per click ad’s only charge when your advertisement link is clicked – which means your website or landing page is receiving a new visitor.  This can be very advantageous for some businesses and movements where traffic is important as well where selling a product is the end game.  Also, the amount each click costs depends on the keywords and geographical reach of the ad’s.  It can range from cents to hundreds of dollars per click.



Creating strategic and legible copywriting, which essentially is your textual site information comes down a science.  Copywriting is important because it directly correlates with your SEO optimization.  Instead of writing empty slogans and filler text, have every word serve a higher purpose.  Our skill in creating copy content will set you apart and help you with your marketing.  Very often this is largely overlooked.

Social Media Optimization

20-social-media-icons copy

That’s right! Facebook, twitter, google+, youtube, and whatever other social media you prefer can and should be optimized for SEO purposes and brand awareness. Social media is one of the hottest markets out there currently. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to interact with your clients directly in their homes or during their travels. Market your new service, or offer tips that will make your clients grateful and happy to do business with your company. Social media optimization is the process of making sure all your channels are being used properly, as well as updating them constantly.

Social Media Benefits:

  • Spread Awareness
  • Market New Services
  • Grow Your Business
  • Generate Leads
  • Interact With Your Clients/Potential Clients
  • Get Reviews & Feedback
  • Great for SEO