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Many businesses miss out on the opportunity to make solid business decisions due to a lack of information. This data is available and gives you – the business owner – great tools. Google analytics provides the answer to user behavior, geographical location and traffic sources.

Beyond that how do you know if your external marketing campaigns are even working? Do you have an accurate method to track them? Is facebook or yelp bringing you more traffic? More importantly, is your facebook or yelp visitor more likely to convert into a sale or service? Do not rely on assumptions to find where you need to improve your business and what you should invest more into.

Retain clients on website

Increase conversions (clicks, buys, subscriptions)

Capitalize on traffic channels

Optimize pages

Market successfully

With Google Analytics you can:

  • Monitor real-time traffic
  • Discover visitors location & language
  • Find out what device they used (phone, tablet, computer)
  • What operating system & browser was used
  • Acquisition traffic sources (direct, organic, paid, etc)
  • Monitor on-page behavior and page flows
  • Manage coversion tracking & establish goals
  • Identify your page visits, bounce rates, time on page, and exit %
  • And much more…

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